Оскар Уайльд

Тропинками Магдалены

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 Magdalen Walks

The little white clouds are racing over the sky,
And the fields are strewn with the gold of the flower of March,
The daffodil breaks under foot, and the tasselled larch
Sways and swings as the thrush goes hurrying by.

A delicate odour is borne on the wings of the morning 

Равенна, Оскар Уайльд

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 Ravenna [More Titles by Wilde] 
                                  Перевод Андрея Фролова

(Newdigate prize poem recited in 
the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford June 26th, 1878.

To my friend George Fleming author of 'The Nile Novel' and 'Mirage'

Ave imperatrix, Перевод А. Фролова

 Аve Imperatrix

Set in this stormy Northern sea,
Queen of these restless fields of tide,
England! what shall men say of thee,
Before whose feet the worlds divide?

The earth, a brittle globe of glass,
Lies in the hollow of thy hand,
And through its heart of crystal pass,
Like shadows through a twilight land,

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